Bitch, I am fabulous! ;)

Have you ever been hated for the fact that you say things you feel in their face? Have you ever been hated for showing people the truth?

Join the band-wagon as you are not alone. Just because you show the mirror makes you a bad person. Well let’s face the truth “People never want their faults to be known”. Moreover, they can never digest the fact that someone can have the guts to be what they want to be and show oneself the side they never ever want to see. Everyone just wants to see the good because they always want to project a good image. But don’t you think it spoils the fun? In maintaining that so called ‘good image’, you end up losing and compromising on things which may give you pleasure.One cannot please everyone they meet and its not even required. One doesn’t even make friends with  everyone as the other person may find a fault in you no matter how good you are. When someone is happy and giving, everyone is a friend, the moment the person is in trouble and becomes needy, no one cares. At the end of the day, the ones who stick by you, through thick and thin, who tolerate you the most are to be treasured.

We define the society and we decide how many people form the society for us. A life can easily be led with the aid of one person. Two is a company and three is a crowd. Don’t worry about what people who don’t matter say or not say about you. Society changes everyday, so does opinion.
Each day repeat it to yourself, ‘Bitch, I am fabulous!’ and you know you are. 😀


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