I am baffled by the way the new rules for immigration have been formulated and implemented. Not only are they biased, they act as a deterrent for any ‘open for trade’ relationships as advertised by the UK government. What’s more disappointing is that, while the governments of all the other countries on whom the bond has been imposed have revolted, Indian government has chosen to remain tight lipped about the situation. What Indians need to think is: Is it worth suffering at the hands of imperialists or take it as a lesson and rise to the occasion so that they are entitled to well deserved equal treatment?



In news that has been condemned by the Delhi Gymkhana, the Indian government has announced that it will be charging the British government arrears in rent and visa fees for overstaying till 1947. Calculations will be done on a per head per year basis, beginning in the early 17th century.

“We will be charging extra for Lord Mountbatten,” said a government spokesperson, “Since he stayed till 1948.”

This move was in reaction to an announcement that all Indians entering the UK will now have to pay a bond of 3000 pounds, leaving them little or no money for shopping. Instead, the British government will refund the money on departure, so that they can spend it back in India.

Moving swiftly, the Indian government has arrested prominent Britons Mark Tully and Katrina Kaif, prior to deportation for non-payment.

“In order to cause minimum inconvenience, I offered to share a cell…

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